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Everyone Wins

No water from the taps
           but the music goes on

we are on the midi 
transmitting sounds, coupons
free stuff; it's tea time
friends like this

         the siren servers
         pumping it out
         more free stuff
             more chances to win
eventually      whatever you want
win win

oo wee 

      just waiting for this endgame
      they calls it, making up slogans
          for the last hippos, ultra cool

jaguars, torn up teddy bears
spying on snow leopards "so awesome!"
peeps like wrapping paper, used sparkly
        seasonal work
                  driverless cars
pharma for everyone
you name it

We Press Audio Editions

Back in 1989-92 I was invited w/my friend Sybl Glebow to record for a project by Chris Funkhouser and friends. Sybl had been a performance artist and musician in the Bay Area, and had introduced me to the art of performing improv poetry. Well, it wasn’t entirely improvisatory; we verbally and roughly sketched out some of concepts and words we wanted to use, and then jumped into it, making changes on the fly as we recorded, and repeating until we came up with a track that we liked. I have to say it was the most fun I had ever had with poetry, and I miss it.

This was during a period when I had also been hosting a reading series in Santa Cruz, and some of the poets we featured in the series also recorded for this project. WE XV includes: Allen Ginsberg, Monks of Doom, Jean Vengua & Sybl Glebow, Anne Waldman, Andy Clausen, thelemonade, Nathaniel Mackey, Victoria Stone, William Everson, Trudy Morse, Cecil Taylor Workshop Ensemble, Francisco X. Alarcon; Elba Sanchez, Wanda Phipps, Lee Ann Brown, Steven Taylor, Richard Loranger, Victor Hernández Cruz, H. D. Moe, Steve Benson, The Splatter Trio, Roddy Potter, Katie Yates, Marc Olmsted & Gary Schwantes, Eric Curkendall, Tory Miller, & Rich West.

Anyway, Chris recently got hold of a DAT machine, and the recordings are available:
* WE Issue 11 is available here.
* WE Issue 14 is available at PennSound HERE.
* More recordings at Funk’s Soundbox Archive.

Trust me

Trust me, you’re not
going to believe this.
Believe me, this is
the most incredible
thing you’ve ever seen.
You’re not going to
believe what happened
when this dog
when this cat
when this horse

with a skunk
with a soldier
with a Grizzly bear
with Kim Kardashian
with President ______
and a cat

This will change
your life! Look closer at
this photo. You’re not
going to believe your EYES!
This is so awesome! This will
make you believe in God
again. This will make you
believe in humankind. This
video will give you hope. OMG,
this is

This is what happens when you
take your parents for granted.
Look what happened. This will
change your life. This is.
Look what happened when
this sick, cancerous
this brilliant dog
this elderly
child, this soldier
came home. It made me cry!