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Local Nomad Fall 2014 Issue

My online journal of writing and poetry, Local Nomad, has launched its first issue. Yes, on Dia de los Muertos! The broad theme is Migration:

Migrations forced or voluntary; swept up by the tide, sparked by desire, fear, tradition, labor, or exploration; earthly and/or otherworldly routes, walkabouts, or interior migrations; arrivals and departures, beginnings and ends, traces left along the way; lines connecting, disconnecting, or broken; lines drawn that you do, or do not cross.

In this issue: Tom Beckett, Michael Caylo-Baradi, Jack Crimmins, M. A. Fink, Peggy Heinrich, Márton Koppány, Sheila E. Murphy, Barbara Jane Reyes, Margaret Rhee, Eileen R. Tabios, Maria Garcia Teutsch, Mark Young, and J. Zimmerman.

Thanks to all the contributors for a great issue. The theme for the Winter 2015 issue will be announced early December.

this is the end

Wrote a poem about a dream in which
I played the role of the tin-woodman
with a heart, clanking about on a stage

before an audience of soldiers; it was
important because they would soon
be gone — but I hit the wrong button

and the words, the nice little rows
of words, disappeared. I’m left staring
at a letter: “you are summoned to appear

for jury service.” The lines arrange
themselves into stanzas of three. Will
this disappear before I finish? I’ll

finish here.

Time Piece

it’s good to have a job
and to drink hard cider
on the weekends and fart

in my own good time;
perhaps i don’t have my
own time, though; it seems

so, these days through which
i live, each day a birth
day, however bound or

parsed, entered in a spread
sheet. yes, even the week-
ends, and a post card with

a white rabbit glares out
over the laptop, big black
hollow eyes, no timepiece;

just a question, in passing.

“In the context of relevant philosophical models, one can begin to conceive of Eigner’s poems as actively occurring experiments in perception. Thus Eigner asks us to reconsider not just what kind of body a poet can use to perceive, but what kind of perceptive positions might be formed and reformed (for reader and poet) in the protean space of the poem. It is Eigner’s careful orchestration of simultaneous attentions that both critiques and points to the relevance of phenomenology to the reading of poetry.” — Hillary Gravendyk

lavaliers of dead democracies

Saturday’s a dead rabbit in a dandelion
garden and cousins 6th removed named
“Lucky.” Still, hoping for the best,

a water-fed, ten-ton clay box hacks
built-in poverty, preserves the best
word reductions and cucumber radishes.

Much as, sallying forth spews (or dangles)
lavaliers of dead democracies, bombs
and intifadas; we attempt to stay cool.

Blood and Submissions

It’s taking longer than I thought to get my iron levels up. I’ve raised the dose. Feeling a teensy bit better every day (best of all, no muscle cramps for the last week) but it’s slow going. Nevertheless, I didn’t collapse the last time I went to the gym, and I’ve had energy enough to begin converting Local Nomad into an online literary journal. I’m now issuing my first call for submissions. And I received my first submission today! To find out more go to my newly revamped website, Local Nomad.

Otherwise…we are thinking of putting in a vegetable garden. Just thinking about it. We decided against chickens. The weather here on the foggy coast is not optimal for things–like tomatoes–that grow much better 20 miles inland. Beans, maybe. Squash, maybe. And there are all those forageable things out in the field, e.g. wild mustards and dandelions.