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Looking at / listening to…

Looking/Reading Stephen Vincent’s Haptics: A Novel, pub. Xerolage.
Listening to and looking at Kitundu’s objects/art/sounds

Assembling: the jigsaw puzzle of a research essay. For this, I am reading (among other things):
* News for all the People: The Epic Story of Race in the American Media (Gonzalez & Torres)
* Floating Lives: The Media and Asian Diaspora, Cunningham & Sinclair.
Doing the laundry

To Eileen in Colombia

Here’s to Eileen & family, in Colombia, finishing up the adoption paperwork so that they can take Francy home to California. In the meantime, to keep up your spirits, tune in to dance music — Robin and Jeff on Jack Radio, Episode 66, or 67, Saturdays, at the University of Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia. You can listen to it in California, too!