* considered doing three hill-walks today (too late for that now)
* considered that in certain towns nearby, graffiti advocating love and tolerance would be subversive
* considering risque things to do on a saturday night (yes)
* considering a photo collaboration w/somewhat risque poetry to hang in local coffee shop (possibly)
* considering a chapbook or two (yes)
* considering going back to teaching part-time (possibly)
* considering what it would be like to teach another semester at UCB (too late for this yr anyway)
* considering a book I’m reading that uses way too much academic jargon (ugh)
* considering fellowships, grants, and miraculous events of good fortune (yes please)
* still considering other vocational alternatives (possibly)
* considering promises I have made to do volunteer work (yes)
* considering losing some weight (yes)
* considering watching the rest of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris (too late for that tonight)
* considering two “gunshots” I heard fired outside earlier (lalalala…in the country, one assumes a neighbor is shooting to warn off a coyote, or shooting up at the sky. lalalala)
* considering just going to bed (soon, soon)


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