pages and pages

OK, today I finally got down to business, and went through all the poems for Corporeal, and put them into manuscript form — 90 pages, written from late 2007 through most of 2010. There’s still a lot of revising to do, but it’s mostly all there now. If I thought that, through writing this book, I was going to have any epiphanies about my relationship to my body, textual or otherwise, I guess I have another think coming. It all remains as mysterious as the Moon.


6 thoughts on “pages and pages

  1. “If I thought I was going to have any epiphanies…”

    for some reason, I found your post hilarious; made moi snort out laughing 🙂

  2. i can understand this, i used to think that i wrote and read poetry to discover myself, and perhaps i still believe that, but more and more i think that i do poetry, both the reading and writing of it, to be

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