cooking frenzy

Continuing along with a previous theme Leny has been in a cooking frenzy. And her description summons up all kinds of cooking spirits, not to mention smells, tastes, and textures.

Initially I thought of the food memories as nostalgic. But I realize that to call this “nostalgia” is just wrong. Because it’s a living thing, something to keep alive, something that keeps you alive. Recipes change with each generation and locale. Is there an “original” recipe? I don’t know, perhaps not. But something enlivens our senses, and continues on.


4 thoughts on “cooking frenzy

  1. Hello Jean, I write about food sometimes too, and like you, sometimes think about it as nostalgia. (As a writer, I think also about food as trope, but now I understand it’s about HOW we handle writing about it, why we write about food.)

    In food practice, I do feel some kind of familial connections, stuff I barely remember that the very act of food preparation conjures up, and then, of course, what we remember as the senses are engaged; there’s a kind of living record there, and oral tradition at work, and with this, the changes that come with each new telling. Even as I write I’m a little self-conscious of how nostalgic it all sounds.

    • Thanks for your comment, Barbara Jane. Food brings up memories of all sorts for me. And have never really thought of it as part of an oral tradition — but that really makes sense. Of course: that’s how it’s carried forward, in the telling, and in the sensory experience. It’s powerful.

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