Haunted America

Beautiful video by Jeff Desom, on, in my opinion, haunted America — as seen, perhaps, through the eyes of a migrant. It looks as though it was filmed through a pinhole camera. The music is by Hauschka, a German musician. The music for the video doesn’t give a good sense, however, of how rockin’ and percussive Hauschka can be. I just saw him performing live with percussionist Samuli Kosminen, in Santa Cruz. Hauschka performs on “prepared piano.” This isn’t a new technique, but he has his own way. He attaches things to the strings and hammers inside the piano, uses packing tape, clothes pins, necklaces, etc., spills ping pong balls (which bounce visibly on the strings as he plays). As a result, the piano is enabled with a new “voice,” and personality. I found it an oddly touching performance.


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