Painting Thing

I’m really getting into this painting thing. And with it, all the feelings, physical and emotional that accompanied the process decades ago, when I had a painting studio, shared w/my friend Sarah. Odd little anxieties about the creative process, and about committing to a visual idea; the joy of “feeling” the paint (although this time, using acrylics only, I’m not worrying about turpentine fumes. And acrylics are a bit kinder to the environment); using my visual and intuitive faculties to make decisions. A much more physical process than writing. Starting small, but realizing how much that’s like writing (I can tell because of the way my muscles tense up) and wondering if I should go bigger, which will allow for more expansive movements. But the materials are so much more expensive…

Recently I participated in a local Dr. Sketchy’s life drawing session. What a hoot! Figure drawing is not what it used to be. And kind of a re-initiation into the world of visual artists again. I was surprised at how quickly the motions of drawing came back to me. Glad that my hand-eye coordination is still operative.


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