It’s been a busy few weeks. Worked on a grant for the Salinas Chinatown group I volunteer for. And there’s my job, working as a full-time writing coach. Then went to Portland OR for a few days. I don’t care if people make fun of that city — I love it there. While at Powell’s books I was thumbing through the chapbooks, and started to feel like — Why am I waiting around for someone to publish my work? (I’m waiting on a publisher to “get back” to me). I want to self-publish a poetry book as an artistic venture. It just looks like fun. Anyway, so many trees, buses running on biofuel, wind turbines generating electricity on top of a high rise, and big bike lanes everywhere. So much art, great food, bookstores, etc. in Portland. But maybe best of all was getting out of town w/my sweetheart. And a few days ago did a poetry reading in SF w California poets Gary Young, Stephen Meadows, and Michael Hannon for Tom Killion’s book of art and poetry with Gary Snyder. It’s been a good, busy time.

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