Today: Rethinking Haptics

Doing a little yoga. The rain has stopped.

Re-thinking the whole haptic drawing thing. Or rather, returning to the initial concept, which was, for me, drawing as meditation. Just staying with the line, and with whatever moves it along. ┬áToday, that was Brian Eno’s “Thursday Afternoon.” Using my favorite tool, a faulty felt-tip brush pen. Faulty, because a little old, so you can’t predict how it will work. So I just stayed with it. “Thursday afternoon” wanders, and sometimes disappears. You have to listen with full attention. What emerged was a kind of tentative maze that I followed and followed. And I thought of the two (real) mazes I’ve walked in life: one at the Episcopal church on Russian Hill in San Francisco, and the other at Earthbound Farm in Carmel Valley. Drawing like this releases one from the economic pressures, the matrix within which most of my projects–whether editing, painting, or academic tutoring (my part-time job)–exist.

I’m still working on promoting my editing site.

And will soon put up a call for submissions on Local Nomad.

Now, work.

Then . . .



Looking at / listening to…

Looking/Reading Stephen Vincent’s Haptics: A Novel, pub. Xerolage.
Listening to and looking at Kitundu’s objects/art/sounds

Assembling: the jigsaw puzzle of a research essay. For this, I am reading (among other things):
* News for all the People: The Epic Story of Race in the American Media (Gonzalez & Torres)
* Floating Lives: The Media and Asian Diaspora, Cunningham & Sinclair.
Doing the laundry

To Eileen in Colombia

Here’s to Eileen & family, in Colombia, finishing up the adoption paperwork so that they can take Francy home to California. In the meantime, to keep up your spirits, tune in to dance music — Robin and Jeff on Jack Radio, Episode 66, or 67, Saturdays, at the University of Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia. You can listen to it in California, too!


gaudi (daniele)

Daniele Gaudi: I’m going to see/hear this Italian electronica master perform on my birthday this week. Honestly, I don’t know a lot about him; but he seems to have various incarnations. Here are three:


temper trap

Gladys pointed me to Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition.” The lead singer is Dougy Mandagi; I found this very pretty video: