Prepping for morning FANHS meeting (includes putting together a mock-up of our book of memoirs – Filipinos in Salinas Valley), and a presentation I’ll give on Filipino musicians in the Chautauquas, pre-WWII.

Checking my tutoring site for submissions

Glad the sun is out; I can see stretches of blue amid fat, cottony clouds creeping across the sky.

Spending a lot of time working, hustling up work, & volunteering. Not enough time to read, write, or paint, or just be out walking/thinking.


What I’m doing today

Nashua Rd 2-22-09

Driving through heavy rain! Car hydroplaned twice on the drive back home to Monterey.

Had productive meeting with a friend who curates museum exhibits. Came up with some good ideas for setting up an exhibit in the Republic Cafe (Chinatown), and for partnering with another organization.

Editing a book on Mongolian art (fascinating!)

And will somehow find time today to paint and relax.

Trying to spend less time today (pretty successfully so far) perusing the news and FB.




Rain & Wind here in Monterey…

Preparing for a phone conference w/City Planning (Salinas) and the new consultants for the Chinatown project.

Prepping a letter to send to City Council in support of [the city’s first?] arts ordinance, and formation of an Arts Commission. About time…

Our landlord hired a landscaper, and every Tues. they come around with these hellish leaf-blowers, rain or shine. Today it’s rain. Leaf blowing and garbage collection punctuate–are the soundtrack–for my Tuesdays.

Working on an editing job today — for a book on Asian art – artists & their patrons

Painting and writing will be worked into the schedule, somehow…






What I’m doing now

  • Listening to the news (just turned it off). Jeezus.
  • Answering email/tasking for the two Asian cultural organizations I’m a member of. Working towards revitalizing the Chinatown neighborhood, wondering how we’ll move forward given the policies of the new Presidential admin. More reliance on local/private/state funding, I guess.
  • Promoting my freelance biz, Old Town Editing.
  • Painting: a 30 x 15″ canvas; “botanical” piece. Several days ago I reached some threshold that activated a switch in my brain, which totally changed my approach to painting. I’m on the 4th painting in this series, with no sign of needing to stop. Here are a couple that I finished yesterday:



  • Thinking about lunch… Looking out at gray skies over the trellised rose bush. I live in a cottage that belonged to a bohemian poet-priest and wine connoisseur (I kid you not), so when I look in this direction, I always see the little black, wrought-iron crucifix that he attached to the top of the trellis.



the clicker

some things come to
“naturally” in child
hood that lost like

get smothered tracked
on with accumulated
years of office pop

cubicle sound proof
ing interspersed w/
whispered curses company

coffee cups then one day
finally have alone time w/
“your” smothered thoughts

colors tamped down a few
sense of rhythm off kil
ter search for a little

lights are left inside
finds you are slid into
the reciprocity of “likes”

easiest way to survive
be watcher, commenter
supporter, clicker of ads

fund me set to default this
lead cloud info something
prior to this in colors